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not cutting it?

e-REAL helps transform visitors into engaged fans by using interfaces that stimulate multisensory perceptions within participatory scenarios inspired from the museums’ themes and collections.

Memorable exhibits?

e-REAL addresses educational programs for different kinds of audiences.

Need to foster attention?

Discover a new way to enhance the museum experience like never before! Eye-catching and interactive masterpieces of arts, ancient books and infographics allow people to explore a microcosm through the merging of real and virtual worlds, in 3D scenarios where you can interact by the flick of a hand and natural gestures–all without the need for special glasses, gloves or headsets.

Do you know the power of visual storytelling?

e-REAL integrates masterpieces of art, objects, and tools from the real world within a multisensory scenario developed by visual storytelling techniques. Visitors are completely immersed in a 3D scenario where they can interact using natural gestures, with a smart approach supported by artificial intelligence.

Special effects are needed?

Pre-recorded or live 3D digital holograms are used to bring exhibits to life; the holographic effect is achieved using a cutting-edge system that sets new standards for image definition and luminosity. Augmented reality displays and glasses are also available, while users are engaged through fascinating live storytelling through spectacular audio and video content.


By using the latest multimedia communication and motion tracking technologies, e−REAL solutions are ready to use through interactive walls, immersive experiences, holograms, augmented reality glasses, and displays.

Both portable and permanent fixtures are available for rent or sale. The space needed to install an e-REAL system is small, and the system can be embedded in a multipurpose room to use e-REAL only when required--in fact, our team is able to adapt any space into a user-friendly immersive setting! An easy-to-use interface controls the entire system, meaning a few commands manage all of the actions. Not only is e-REAL simple to set up, maintain, and scale, but it can also be controlled remotely in real-time by our team.

Multiple localization and language options are available.

All can happen into a brick and mortar facility or online.

Experiences you'll actually enjoy!

Throughout the simulation process (briefing, performance, debriefing) and both within a simulation lab (face-to-face or online) or in situ, learners can interact with content using spoken commands and natural gestures without wearing glasses, gloves or headsets, or the use of joysticks and interactive pens. Above all, no screens are needed: the real magic is that e-REAL sensors turn any physical surface or screen into a touch screen.

Interactive digital content can coexist with masterpieces of art, objects, and tools from the real world, such as archeological relics and historical artifacts, paintings, tools from a scientific lab, etc.

Visitors are shown with human-sized holograms, stunning content from augmented reality glasses and displays, reconstructions and video animations, and music and special effects, which combine culture, the visitor's imagination, the past, and the present--or the future--in both the real and the virtual world.


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