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Stella Dawson

Thank you for the fascinating presentation on virtual reality techniques to enhance our e-learning offerings and organizational meetings, particularly for collaborative projects.  We appreciate the insights into what new technologies offer in providing immersive experiences.  It provides much food for thought as CGAP progresses.

Stella Dawson,
Communications Lead, CGAP – World Bank Group, Washington DC, USA

Dr. Eng. Calogero Casilli

I valued the high potential of e-REAL personally attending a demonstrative session within the e-REAL Lab at the Polytechnic School of Milan, Design Department. I really understood the strength of this innovative solution alsofor the development of my business.

Dr. Eng. Calogero Casilli,
Entrepreneur and Innovation Expert, Terin Consortium, Research Park, Brindisi, Italy.

Cor – Mr Mohammed Issa Al-Issa

Totally new and unexpected

Mr Mohammed Issa Al-Issa,
Senior Executive from Tawuniya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cor – Mr Fahad Abdulrahman Al Qadhib

Engaging and effective

Mr Fahad Abdulrahman Al Qadhib,
Talent Development Manager, Tawuniya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cor – Dr. Hussain Al Mahmoudi

Welcome to the future of education and training

Dr. Hussain Al Mahmoudi,
CEO of AUS Enterprises, American University of Sharjah, UAE

Cor – Dr. Ali Al Qayedi and Mohammed Al Marzooqi

Innovation at its edge

Dr. Ali Al Qayedi and Mohammed Al Marzooqi,
Executive Directors from Etisalat Academy, Dubai, UAE

Cor – Prof. Dr. Ianna Contardo

Positive encouragement in business education is not just a premise, it is a duty, a crunch and a happy, successful method. Once your goals are reached, you are there. Transforming realities add value because you get out of doldrums and reach balance. The impressive power and continued improvement by e-Real demonstrate equality in professions is offered to human beings of deep potential, strong will and high ambitions. What you do not see, will meet you, and e-Real opens your eyes onto the infinite possibilities of different intelligence.

Prof. Dr. Ianna Contardo,
Faculty at Financial Times in London and at IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance, Madrid

Cor – Dr. Abdulhai Megdad

I have been using e-real technology with ourselves and our clients in the region for the past three years, we found the technology as highly innovative and made the training highly interactive with a very engaging experience, i recommend this technology to be considered in all training to our clients all the time

Dr. Abdulhai Megdad,
CEO Mega Consult, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cor – Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Cantoni

e-REAL is particularly interesting in that it is able to orchestrate and blend physical environments with computer generated ones, so to provide very rich training experiences.

Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Cantoni,
USI – University of the Italian Switzerland, Lugano
Faculty of Communication Sciences, Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication

Cor – Mauricio Gonzales

It is fascinating to see how e-REAL’s one-of-a-kind immersive experiences and environment benefits so many students and professionals in different industries. The insights obtained from e-REAL’s technologies are simply invaluable.

Mauricio Gonzales,
Digital Marketer & Founder, Good Design, Houston, Texas