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Marco Borradori

A great chance for Lugano

Marco Borradori,
Esq., Major of Lugano, Switzerland

Ignazio Cassis

A great solution, very fascinating

Ignazio Cassis,
Head of the Foreign Affairs Dept., Swiss Confederal Government, Bern, Switzerland

Dr. Yves Ubelmann

The right solution for an effective immersive setting

Dr. Yves Ubelmann,
Founder Iconem, Paris, France

Dr. Jay Levenson

Highly advisable.

Dr. Jay Levenson,
Director International Programs, MoMA, New York, NY

Dr. Eng. Calogero Casilli

I valued the high potential of e-REAL personally attending a demonstrative session within the e-REAL Lab at the Polytechnic School of Milan, Design Department. I really understood the strength of this innovative solution alsofor the development of my business.

Dr. Eng. Calogero Casilli,
Entrepreneur and Innovation Expert, Terin Consortium, Research Park, Brindisi, Italy.

Hc – Dr. Nicola De Santis

So impressive!

Dr. Nicola De Santis,
General Consul of Italy, Boston, USA

Mus – Dr. Elisabetta Ullmann

The e-REAL immersive experience within the today’s Venice and the past Pompei that I had in Washington DC, within the Italian Embassy, was so amazing and involving.

Dr. Elisabetta Ullmann,
Co-Founder and Director of AIFIC –
The American Initiative for Italian Culture, Washington DC, USA 

Mus – Dr. Antonio Scuderi

e-Real is a cutting-edge solution, creating valuable experiences either ways for educational and cultural environments. Its immersive and easy to handle formula may actually bring value in whichever scenario where knowledge transfer is the key result to achieve.

Dr. Antonio Scuderi,
Founder & Managing Partner, Capitale Cultura & ARt Glass, Milan, Italy and Lugano, Switzerland