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Prof. Dr. Boas Erez

A great solution for a great event!

Prof. Dr. Boas Erez,
Rector of the University of the Italian Switzerland, Lugano

Prof. Dr. William Barnett

A strategic tool to enhance learning into the digitalized world

Prof. Dr. William Barnett,
Professor of Business Leadership, Strategy and Organizations, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stella Dawson

Thank you for the fascinating presentation on virtual reality techniques to enhance our e-learning offerings and organizational meetings, particularly for collaborative projects.  We appreciate the insights into what new technologies offer in providing immersive experiences.  It provides much food for thought as CGAP progresses.

Stella Dawson,
Communications Lead, CGAP – World Bank Group, Washington DC, USA

Dr. Eng. Calogero Casilli

I valued the high potential of e-REAL personally attending a demonstrative session within the e-REAL Lab at the Polytechnic School of Milan, Design Department. I really understood the strength of this innovative solution alsofor the development of my business.

Dr. Eng. Calogero Casilli,
Entrepreneur and Innovation Expert, Terin Consortium, Research Park, Brindisi, Italy.

Sch – Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Muthanna

Visualization and interaction are very interesting leads for university education

Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Muthanna,
President of the American University in the Emirates, Dubai, UAE

Sch – Prof. Dr. Ecmel Ayral

First, I was informed about e-REAL by Prof. Salvetti and then when I had the chance to experience it in Dubai, I was really impressed about its impact on the learning process, a co-immersion opportunity with fellow learners with whom you can share a room or merely our planet by online synchronous learning. I’d recommend a first-hand experience and I’m sure it is further developed than it was a few years ago. I’d love to re-immerse into that and create learning processes utilizing this state-of-the-art system.

Prof. Dr. Ecmel Ayral,
Board of Trustees, Bilgi University and Founding Partner of Sirius Group, Istanbul,Turkey

Sch – Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Ingrassia

What an interesting tool that is e-REAL!

Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Ingrassia,
Director of the Simnova Center for Medical Simulation, University of the Eastern Piedmont, Novara, Italy

Sch – Prof. Dr. Michele La Rosa

A disruptive innovation for education and training. So immersive and effective!

Prof. Dr. Michele La Rosa,
Director of the CIDOSPEL-International Center for Sociology of Work and Organization and Professor of Sociology of Work, University of Bologna, Italy

Sch – Mr Alessandro Ianniello

I worked with the e-REAL software to defend my Master Thesis in Product Design for Innovation at the EDME Lab. It allowed me to actively interact with the images and videos related to my speech, so I was enabled to involve the audience—that lived an immersive and pretty multisensory experience.

Mr Alessandro Ianniello,
graduated student from the Polytechnic School of Milan, Design Department, author of a master thesis about e-REAL

Sch – Ms Glenda Lombardo

e-REAL seems to me a fusion between tradition and innovation, a mix generating an interesting and effective combination.

Ms Glenda Lombardo,
graduated student from the University “Bicocca” in Milan, author of a master thesis about e-REAL