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Sch – Dr. Elizabeth Filippouli

e-REAL brings the future to the world of healthcare and education, and it introduces an entirely new experience to immersive learning and remote implementation.

Dr. Elizabeth Filippouli,
Founder & CEO, Global Thinkers Forum & Global Thinkers Mentors, London

Sch – Dr. Martino Zinzone

The e-REAL team is always and easily available in case of need, enthusiast, positive, propositive and flexible. It’s a team open to collaboration and committed to really tailored and co-designed solutions. An enthusiast, immersive and wow team, aimed at aggregating people and ideas!

Dr. Martino Zinzone,
Assistant Professor in Visual Elements of Project, Department of Design, Polytechnic School of Milan, Italy

Sch – Prof. Dr. Arch. Mario Bisson

e-REAL is very interesting, interactive, experiential, gamified, easy, intelligent, beautiful, multisensory

Prof. Dr. Arch. Mario Bisson,
Director EDME Lab and Professor of Industrial Design, Department of Design, Polytechnic School of Milan, Italy