e-REAL and Crisis Resource Management for Labor and Delivery Clinicians

  • Field: Healthcare
  • Venue: e-REAL Lab at the Center for Medical Simulation, Boston, MA and e-REAL Online Lab
  • Simulation Team: Roxane Gardner, Rebecca Minehart
  • Instructional Design Team: Roxane Gardner, Fernando Salvetti

Experiential coursework focused on learning and improving teamwork and event management during simulated obstetrical cases, which makes effective team management during a crisis a core element of expert practice. Medical simulation contributes enormously to enhance teamwork during a crisis by fostering situational awareness and contextual intelligence, as well as cognitive retention of essential steps and procedures to be performed during the ongoing crisis.

The e-REAL system reproduces a variety of different emergent situations,  enabling learners to interact with multimedia scenarios and practice using a mnemonic called Name-Claim-Aim. Learners rapidly cycle between deliberate practice and direct feedback within a simulation scenario until mastery is achieved.

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