Speech Analysis to Foster Team’s Communication in Healthcare

  • Field: Healthcare
  • Venue: e-REAL Lab at the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation, Boston, MA, USA; e-REAL Lab at Red Cross Training Center “Luigi Gusmeroli”, Bologna, Italy; e-REAL Lab at the Polytechnic School of Turin, Italy
  • Simulation Team: Roxane Gardner, Rebecca Minehart, Barbara Bertagni
  • Instructional Design Team: Barbara Bertagni, Fernando Salvetti, Roxane Gardner, Jenny Rudolph
  • Multimedia Design & Tech Team: Barbara Bertagni, Fabrizio Lamberti, Andrea Bottino, Gabriele Pratticò, Roberto Pieraccini, Matteo Lana, Rocco Luigi Tartaglia, Anca Gavril

e-REAL Speech Analysis is a powerful training tool to individually track both the tone of voice and spoken words of the learners, providing a semantic and pragmatic overview of interpersonal communication. According to the Polytechnic School of Turin and to ISTI-CNR (a branch from the Italian Research Council), the fidelity of a speech recording and transcription is approximately 94%. An operator such as a simulation engineer may be able to amend and modify the transcript so that its fidelity achieves 100% semantic accuracy.

Functions and visual outputs include the following:

  • An integral transcript or dialogue which can be visualized
  • Audio clips, automatically divided phrase by phrase
  • A word counter which shows the number of spoken words per minute
  • An internal search engine with keyword search enabled, highlighting the words in the transcript
  • A word cloud tool visually summarizing the most spoken words
  • A Voice Analysis tool to measure and visualize waveform (Decibel), perceived loudness (Hertz) and pitch.
Speech analysis to foster team communication in healthcare
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