Visual Medicine

  • Field: Healthcare
  • Venue: Expected to be the Center for Advanced Medical Simulation at Mount Sinai West Hospital in New York
  • Simulation Team: Internal Faculty
  • Instructional Design Team: Fernando Salvetti, Barbara Bertagni, Joseph Mathew, Priscilla Loanzon, Barbara Karagiannis
  • Multimedia Design & Tech Team: Matteo Lana, Rocco Luigi Tartaglia, Frank Guevara

Learners are expected to look at and simulate medical procedures and, at the same time, take notes; highlight, erase and write or highlight again; zoom inside and outside or 360-degree rotate virtual organs and other displayed objects; cluster concepts by grouping them within boxes; upload further medical imagery to have a better understanding of what they are analyzing; take screenshots and share them; fill in questionnaires, etc. 

The above features enhance attention and cognitive retention during the time devoted to learning technical procedures with the support of a checklist. The amount of information and the level of detail to be included in checklists and mnemonics are challenging issues, since there is no universal model of representation for iconography, images and symbols, text length, density of information, number of steps, colors, fonts, etc. (the instructional team takes care of that). In this case, the checklist to work with is called “Ultrasound Guided Central Venous Catheter Evaluation”. It was transformed into a more iconic and interactive tool, preparing 3 different releases, and a “dry run” was projected according to the following process: 

  1. Using three different releases of the same check-list with different groups of learners, to compare outcomes and results.
  2. Introducing a control tool (short questionnaire) at the end of the module, in order to collect performance data and to measure learning outputs in order to understand which check-list works better.
  3. Adopting the checklist that works better and overlaying it with images in order to further enhance the learning process.

Look at the e-REAL Visual Medicine room

Look at the e-REAL Visual Surgery room

Explore deeply the e-REAL visual medicine setting

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