Visual Nursing

  • Field: Healthcare
  • Venue: e-REAL Lab at the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation, Boston, MA and e-REAL Online Lab
  • Simulation Team: Roxane Gardner, Rebecca Minehart
  • Instructional Design Team: Roxane Gardner, Rebecca Minehart, Fernando Salvetti, Barbara Bertagni, Silvia Battisti

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting a number of countries that are facing challenges of treating thousands of patients that exceed health system capacity. With the pandemic expected to surge in waves and last for several months, it is critical that the pipeline of educating healthcare professionals remains intact. Nursing schools across the world have transitioned to continuing education through online or virtual means. In the context of health professions education, many regulatory bodies require completion of a set number of hours within the clinical setting, so thousands of nursing students are being blocked due to this clinical hour requirement.

e-REAL allows for advanced simulation within a mixed reality environment (both online and in brick-and-mortar immersive classrooms), and can be used successfully as an effective learning solution that results in improved student learning outcomes by allowing the replacement of clinical hours usually completed in a standard healthcare setting with that of virtually simulated experiences during the pandemic.

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