What is e−REAL?

e−REAL is the enhanced reality lab where virtual and real worlds are merging within an advanced simulation environment.

e−REAL helps create interactive virtual and augmented reality environments for use in medicine, healthcare simulation, business, industry and education. It is a system where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time, in a real place and not within a headset. e−REAL uses projectors and touch-tracking cameras to turn blank walls and empty spaces into immersive and interactive environments.

  • It is virtual reality that happens in the real world (3D projections on the walls), not within special glasses: only e−REAL is doing that!
  • It is 3D interactive, immersive and augmented visualization.
  • Speaking avatars and natural speech recognition are part of the adventure as well.
  • People are not in need to wear special glasses, gloves, head−mounted displays, etc.
  • It is very easy to use: 2 buttons or a few spoken commands are enough.
  • The systems comes packed with a number of pre−loaded scenarios.
  • Easy import and show your own existing content (images, videos).
  • Easy create and edit your own new content. It’s a totally customizable solution with a powerful multimedia editor.

How Real is Enhanced Reality
With e−REAL?

About e−REAL

e−REAL is an applied research project started and supported by Logosnet in 2011, developed in collaboration with top research and simulation centers--mainly in Italy and in the USA. Visual thinking, computer vision, advanced simulation, multimedia communication, immersive and interactive learning, augmented and virtual reality, human and artificial intelligence, psychology, anthropology and sociology, cognitive and neurosciences, hermeneutics and narratology, design, epistemology and philosophy of science are the main drivers. e−REAL works as a stand-alone solution or networked in a few or in many places. Multiple localization and language options are available. It is glo−cal, liquid, networked, augmented, mixed, virtual and polycentric like the current world: this is the reason why e−REAL is becoming a cornerstone for corporations, healthcare, schools, museums!