What is e−REAL?

e-Real is enhanced reality: the merging of real and virtual worlds.

e−REAL helps create interactive virtual and augmented reality environments for use in medicine, healthcare simulation, business, industry and education. It is a system where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time, in a real place and not within a headset.

  • It is virtual reality that happens in the real world (3D projections on the walls), not within special glasses (only e-REAL is doing that)
  • It is 3D interactive and immersive visualization.
  • Very easy to use: 2 buttons command all.
  • The systems comes packed with a number of pre-loaded scenarios.
  • Easy import and show your own existing contents (images, videos).
  • Easy create and edit your own new contents. It’s a totally customizable solution.

How Real is Enhanced Reality
With e−REAL?

About e−REAL

e-REAL is an applied research project started by Logosnet in 2011 and developed in collaboration with top research and simulation centers.