Turn experience into real learning!

e-REAL makes advanced simulation within a multisensory scenario possible and enjoyable based on challenging situations developed by visual storytelling techniques. Online and into the real world!

  • Virtual and augmented reality happens online within our proprietary platform and in the real world, by using 2D/2.5D/3D projections in an immersive classroom.
  • Real people and virtual avatars are part of the scene as well.
  • Multiple localization and language options.
  • No need for extra equipment such as gloves or goggles.
  • Users can take notes, cluster key concepts, and fill in questionnaires directly onto the walls.
  • Importing existing content as well as the creation and editing of new content is seamless and straightforward.
  • Top-notch support is available from day one, giving the user total peace of mind.
  • Both permanent and portable fixtures are available.

Each e-REAL lab comes packed with a starter kit that enables countless activities both online and within an immersive classroom, through the ue of  simple gestures and spoken commands.

Several apps and contents are available off-the-shelf, and many others can be quickly tailored to the user. Each e-REAL simulation can be customized with many multimedia contents and mixed reality tools:

  • Multimedia scenarios’ libraries;
  • Interactive tutorials;
  • Holographic visualizations;
  • Real-time and live holograms;
  • Podcasts and apps;
  • Task (or skill) trainers, tools, wearable devices such as glasses, headsets, watches, and gloves. 

e-REAL can be a stand-alone solution or even networked between multiple places, linked by a unique videoconferencing system optimized to process operations with minimal delay (technically: low latency). This connectivity allows not only virtual object-sharing (medical imagery, infographics, etc.) in real-time but also remote cooperation by co-sketching and co-writing. No other reality simulation currently on the market can do all of that.

The e-REAL system is a sole source product manufactured, sold as a service, and distributed exclusively by Logosnet LLC (Houston, Texas). No other company makes a similar or competing product. There are no agents or dealers authorized to represent this product. e-REAL merges the real and virtual world by combining hardware, software, apps and scenarios design, and lifecycle services in one all-encompassing solution. There is no other like solution available for purchase that would serve the same purpose or function, and there is only one price for it because of exclusive distribution or marketing rights. The e-REAL brand and trademark are registered into the US, European Union, and Switzerland, and are protected internationally.